• Seminar

    Debt and Capital flight from Africa seminar by Prof. Leonce Ndikumana

  • Casual Inference Workshop

    An advanced workshop on Causal Inference by Prof. Scott Cunningham (Baylor University, Texas)

Econometrics Association of Kenya

Econometrics Association of Kenya is nonpartisan professional association which was registered in 2018 under Societies act. The association draws membership from academia, research institutions and private sector.


  1. To promote econometrics as a discipline and as a profession and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas
  2. To inspire quantitative research and research-based evidence on policy issues
  3. To encourage publications of economics and econometrics research and related subjects
  4. To promote econometrics training and advancement of knowledge

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We are a professional research/academic association in Kenya, drawing membership from university departments, economic research institutions, government departments, and the private sector.

Our Events

We conduct many events aimed at capacity building and help members network and share their research. Some of the events include seminars, workshops, training, and conferences.

Our publications

We share members' research activities as working paper series. These are shared to generate discussions concerning economic issues that are relevant to members.

Our blogs

We share members' research activities in short writing like blogs and briefs intended for policymakers and the general public. These help members impact policy debate.

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